Welcome to the Jungle

Jungle Jams is a mom-owned and operated pajama company that specializes in hand-drawn designs of unique jungle animals. Our passion is comfort, creativity, and sustainability. Whether your little one dreams of exploring the rainforest or cuddling up with their favorite jungle friend, our pajamas will ignite their imagination and make bedtime an adventure.


  • Sloth Zip Pajamas - Jungle Jams
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  • Ocelot Reversible Double Layer Bamboo Blanket - Jungle Jams
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  • Jungle Jams Pajamas Ocelot Print in Sage Green and Pearl Two-Piece and Zip Pajamas

Meet the Kiwi Bird

Kiwi birds are native to New Zealand and are considered a national symbol.

Kiwi are flightless birds. They have very small wings that are hidden under their feathers. Their strong legs make them excellent runners instead. Many kiwi species form monogamous pairs, often staying with the same mate for life. Kiwis have a highly developed sense of smell. Their nostrils are located at the tip of their long beaks, allowing them to sniff out delicious insects and worms.